Angkor dynasty

Next is a fairly large portion of land west of the kingdom of Pagan (now called Myanmar) is also mighty army of Suryavarman II annexed joined by Khmer empire map (Chenla). To the south, the kingdom Grahi (now Thailand Nakhon SiTham Marat) in the area of ​​the Malay peninsula was occupied Suryavarman II. Part of the land east of Champa was occupying and intimidating the University Vietnam to the west.

It is also recalled a historic period, in 1080, after the kingdom of Champa peace with Great Vietnamese king of Champa Harivarman IV was mighty steep spill determined to conquer the empire of Chenla. Champa troops occupied Sambor (north and east of Phnom Penh Tonle Sap), killed King Chendla Harshavarman III, devastated the capital Somesvara (Angkor), captured and brought home a lot of prisoners Chendla.

To avenge this mountain higher, in 1145, King Suryavarman II of Chendla revenge invade into Ban Champa and destruction of My Son Sanctuary zones apart but today we can see the ruins of ruins so. Until 1149, the new king of Champa enough to expel the Khmer invasion, regain the country.

According to the book “The Complete History Vietnam”, in 1128, more than two hosts to snatch berths Chendla three Earlier in Asia Nghe An. Mighty armies invaded by King Suryavarman II personally main body. King Ly Nhan Tong Thai incorrect Enter vice Ly Cong Binh and Nghe An official of dollars to fight the enemy.

At this time, King Ly Nhan Tong ill, have portable projectors leave always reminding the captains of Prince Duong Hoan tide up the throne when he was 12 years old and normal funeral held for three days, specialized heart, sword, spear grinding Chendla prepare fought back. Three months steep the fight, Thai Binh Ly Cong deal struck in shattered military Chendla Nghe An.

Lost too painful, less than half a year later, King Suryavarman II hydro angry soldiers mobilized more than 700 warships to turn against European flavor of Nghe Do Gia (now Ha Tinh) avenge last failure. King Ly Than Tong ordered in Thanh Hoa Nguyen Ha Inflammation, European equivalents in Nghe An Chendla fight. At this time, the emperor Suryavarman II sent his credentials to King Ly Than Tong request to Chendla ambassadors, King Ly received a letter but did not answer.

Year of the Rat in 1132, King Suryavarman II troops with North Champa Assembly, where several attacks on European Nghe Dai Vietnamese. Emperor Ly Thai Tong Shen down projection for the British Virgin Islander captain mobilized the entire army in Thanh Hoa, together with Continental Nghe An army together against invaders shattered and Champa Chenla.