Angkor Wat – the country’s jewel temple tower

Located 317km from the capital Phnom Penh to the north, Angkor Wat is the King Suryavarman II built in the mid XII century, dedicated to Vishnu worship of Hindu deities.

This is one of the most important relics in Cambodia, is considered the ultimate of Khmer art and architecture.

In 1991, Angkor Wat is a UNESCO world cultural heritage, can match with The Great Wall of China, TajMalhan in India, the Pyramids in Egypt.

Angkor is a group of more than 100 stone temples, monuments, reliefs and vast corridors are made of large boulders, stacked with a very natural look. This is a splendid architectural achievement, it shows a very high degree of spatial geometry.

At that time, the technical and architectural styles are very limited, the use of stone used nature as wood with semicircular structures and arches are the techniques that people do not know, but Its overall effect has been to make people wonder.

All decoration stone as statues, dancers, warriors and the lotus-shaped illustrated Ramayana and Mahabharata are very vivid, soft.

Specifically, 1700 at Angkor Apsara dancers 1,700 completely different, with a beautiful body, the face and posture, movement not overlap.

In this architectural complex, Angkor Wat Temple is the largest and greatest, because this temple is the crystallization of the mountain temple architecture – characterized by the ancient Khmers, and reached its peak in terms of art is architecture and visual art, as well as Khmer grand scale in all the temples of Angkor.

The entire architecture of Angkor Wat entirely made up of the huge green stone, the sizes typically 1x2m put together, carved motifs, reliefs under ancient tales area that experts say production from the epic Mahabharata and Raymana India.

Design of Angkor Wat very balanced and beautiful, located within a large wall to 83.610m2. The temple has an area of ​​200 ha, almost 6km perimeter, 8m high stone wall, the thickness of 1 m, with five huge towers, the tower height of 65m, 40m high four side towers. Each tower has a form of a lotus flower is blooming.

Road to Angkor Wat is the long stone bridge spanning the lake surrounding the temple. Outside the entrance is a statue head stone lions, two inside Balcony been carved statue Naga snake with seven heads.

Angkor Wat moat surrounded measuring 190m long created a 1.5km square. Around boasts many steps to be able to step down from above the water surface.

Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia unique mountain has the main entrance in the west, towards sunset. How this sensation layout majestic, great for walkers in the house, by the massive temple image featured on the bright light of the sun is in the sunset.

The main temple complex includes 398 rooms with period stone carvings on the ceiling, corridor, the balustrades, columns shown extraordinary strength and skilled hands of the Khmer ancient frieze with rich, many members vivid and delicate decorative, completely match the design balanced and demure.

This stone reliefs depicting scenes were in the Indian epic, the gods are many men and women dancing together. Through a corridor after another frieze, running to several hundred meters long, made many true character in the history of Cambodia.

Imagery is everyone’s favorite and often appear on reliefs, was the goddess Apsara of Cambodia.

The main temple was built in the shape resembles the Pyramids, with five main towers symbolize Mount Meru in India.

According to legend, Mount Meru lies between the ocean and the ocean in the universe that is deep and wide moat class was built around Angkor Wat.