May be you did not know Angkor-wat


Enter the pavilion and walk counter-clockwise. Several of the scenes are in good condition.


A- Right: The women’s quarters of a palace.

B- Center, above the door: An attempt to abduct site in the forest.

C- Left, badly damaged: A scene from the Ramayana.

Above: Tiers of monkeys and a pyre


D- Right: rama in his chariot (drawn by geese) returns victorious to Ayodhya

E- Center, above the door: Rama and Laksmana surrounded by monkeys.

F- Left: A conversation between Sita and Hanuman in the forest; Hanuman gives Rama’s ring to Sota.


G- Right Visni (seated, four arms) surrounded by Apsaras.

H- Center, above the door: Rama and Laksmana battle a monster (headless, face on stomach)

I-   Left: Rama wins an archery competition; Rama and Sita sitting together.


J- Right: Visnu (four arms) on a Garuda; Krsna (mounted on a Garuda) bring back Mount Maniparvata which he took from a demon he killed; his army carries the remains of the demon.

K-  Center, above the door: Discussions on an alliance.

Left: Rama and his brother Laksmana.

Right: Suryva, the monkey king L- Left: Visnu reclines on the serpent Anent.

Below: A group of nine gods with their mounts

(1) Surya in a chariot pulled by horses

(2) Kubera standing on the shoulders of a Yaksa

(3) Brahma riding a goose

(4) Skanda on a peacock

(5) An unidentified god on a horse

(6) Indra on a three-headed elephant

(7) Yama riding a buffalo

(8) Siva on a bull

(9) An unidentified god on a lion


This scene from the Ramayana is a long and fierce struggle between Rama and the demon king Ravana (10 heads and 20 arms), near the center. It is among the finest of the bas-reliefs at Angkor Wat. The battle takes place in Lanka (Sri Lanka) and ends with the defeat of Ravana, captor of Sita, the beautiful wife of Rama. The central figures are the monkey warriors who fight against the raksasas on Rama’s side.

The brutality of war is juxtaposed with a graceful rendition of lithesome monkeys. Past the center: Rama stands on the shoulders of Sugriva surrounded by arrows; Laksmana, his brother, and an old demon, stand by Rama. Nearby, the demon king Ravana (10 heads and 20 arms) rides in a chariot drawn by mythical lions.

Further on, Nala, the monkey who built Rama’s bridge to Lanka, is between them leaning on the heads of two lions. He throws the body of one he has just beaten over his shoulder. A monkey prince tears out the tusk of an elephant, which is capped with a three-pointed headdress and throws him and the demon to the ground.