Some of my advice to avoid nuisance when you come to Angkor Wat

Besides the Angkor Wat, there are many more places in Siem Reap, here’s my favorite:

Landmine Museum, admission is $ 1. This is a fascinating place and they also educate people about the dangers of unexploded mines still exist in Cambodia. Most object of this guide is to orphans, victims of landmines times of peace, and the proceeds will be used to support and educate them.

The bazaar, I recommend visiting at least one of the local street market. The market’s largest and oldest in Siem Riep is Phsar Chas, everything is bustling and lively. Angkor Night Market Night is also a great place to stroll in the evening to relax.

Floating village – this is my favorite! Visit the unique village located on the Tonle Sap Lake to witness the live scene in the Cambodian countryside daily, here is one thing you should not overlook. I was crossing the dirt road on a tuk tuk to get to the village, sitting on a small boat and relax in this peaceful space. During my trip, I received a warm welcome from the children and the teachers in the village. Bring the gifts such as pens, pencils, notebooks or donate rice to villagers and their children.

My advice to you avoid problems:

– It is difficult to say no to the beggars here, especially the children. Most charitable organizations worldwide recommend that you do not give money to beggars as this will prevent them from finding a job to do, and that money is not used well. Comments by people are divided on this, personally I try to help disabled people and organizations have been recognized.

Beware of scammers! Here they are mainly trying to trick you to believe they are collecting money for maintenance of temples and various charities. Always make sure that your money goes to the right place you want!

Also beware of the mosquitoes – they are numerous and everywhere! Make sure you bring some creams to treat itching.

Souvenirs have very cheap prices. In Siem Reap, you will only pay a few pounds for a T-shirt, towel Cambodia.

Do not go off the main trail, unexploded bombs remained a major problem in Cambodia, although not common around the resort.

I recommend using the tuktuk when out and about at night, this is the best way and the cheapest of travel.

Finally, I also completed my trip to Cambodia, have many unforgettable memories, emotions and I was particularly struck by the optimism and kindness of the people are still recovering from years suffering and cruelty.