Synthesis travel experience Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat is considered the jewel of the country temple tower, tour Angkor Wat – Cambodia you will discover the beauty of the temple has a unique architecture with exciting experiences unforgettable. Trip To facilitate easy and you can refer some travel experience Angkor Wat below offline.

Angkor Wat Travel Experiences

Preparing the furniture and requisites

Travel Angkor Wat beyond simple outfit you should bring long sleeves, casual shoes, wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses drinking water … because the weather here is quite hot and the ruins of Angkor Wat is quite wide to be displaced move much.

In addition to the simple dress, you need to bring long-sleeved clothes because here you will visit many temples and shrines. Relic of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom is very large, you have to move more should have sneakers, wide-brimmed hat, umbrella, sunglasses, drinks … You should bring a camera to capture the magical scenery secret here. In particular, to record the moments mysterious, ancient temples, you should bring a camera offline.

Transportation to Angkor Wat

The northern region, you take flight from Hanoi to Siem Reap town, then ride tuktuk to the monument. For southern area you via MocBai border by road.

From the center of Siem Reap, there are two main roads and road PokamborSivathaboulevard, the next stage is Charles De Gaulle is Tusamuth and final ramp until Angkor Wat.

Money change

The Vietnam you should change money into Riel currency at the border to have a low conversion rate, you can change at banks in Siem Reap. Or you can use the money dollars but if you intend to buy expensive items will pay cash Riel very complex. Therefore before traveling Angkor Wat you should change some money Riel. To rent near Angkor Wat your reference: hotels near Angkor Wat

Some travel experience Angkor Wat you should also consider buying a sim that phone to be able to easily call Vietnam or when necessary, you should buy right at the gate sim cost about USD 3-4 / sim. About a diet you can choose the affordable shops along the streets of Siem Reap will be cheaper prices at the night market or property. When shopping at any place where you should bargain prices, usually the shopkeepers here often say challenging.

Above, is the Angkor Wat travel experience that we want to share with you. Hope, can provide you with useful knowledge during my trip. Wish you have happy trip and many interesting.